About us


About us

Znalosti, skúsenosti, nadšenie, pevná vôľa prekonať prekážky.

A reliable partner in organising and securing events

HEI is an association of legal entities and independent experts dealing with issues related to the organisation and provision of events. The HEI aims to contribute to research and education in the social sciences related to the organisation and condition of events and to support the export of event-related services to the EU and worldwide.

Nestaviame vzdušné zámky, ale dosahujeme skutočné výsledky.

The sources of HEI funding are mainly:

HEI funds are kept in a separate bank account. HEI property and property rights are managed according to the approved budget. The cluster’s Board of Directors is responsible for managing the HEI.

HEI authorities

Board of Supervisors

Radoslav Nackin


Ing. Viliam Bošiak, MBA


Board of Directors

Ing. Vladimír Bošiak

programový riaditeľ

Ing. Viliam Bošiak, MBA

výkonný riaditeľ