Data collection – analysis and mapping of events

During the summer of 2023, data collection occurred at various events organised by the HEI. This research was carried out when the company gradually returned to normal activity after the pandemic. We achieved significant success by collecting a relevant sample of 1,292 completed questionnaires.

To create the questionnaire, we used the expertise and experience of the agency MEDIAN SK, with which we worked closely. The questionnaire was focused on various aspects of the events and was structured into several parts. Specifically, we looked at respondents’ sociodemographic information, their experiences with automated payments and beverage dispensing systems, and their attitudes toward zero-waste initiatives and environmental sustainability. Another important aspect of the questionnaire was the socioeconomic part.

We distributed and completed the questionnaires at six different events, which included music festivals, air shows and traditional folk festivals. This diversity of events allowed us to obtain diverse perspectives and experiences from participants, strengthening the informative value of our collected data.

This project aimed better to understand the needs and preferences of event participants and obtain important information for further planning and improvement of events organised by HEI. Thanks to thorough data collection and subsequent analysis, we now have valuable insights to help us create even more engaging and sustainable events in the future.